Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hi Everyone!!

Its been a while since my last writings but when you hear the news you'll hopefully understand.

The first piece of news is that I'm going to become a Grandmother for the first time!

This news has created a need to be flexible enough to travel interstate regularly and often to keep up to date with the pregnancy and then be part of the 'precious bundle's' life.

Ive decided to close the 'physical' doors to my store and take 15 of my favourite local designers to create an online 'virtual' store. I told them..."girls we are going GLOBAL!"

Much to do but much excitement. This will broaden our audience as well as bringing more balance to my family life.

Balance .

By making way for balance in my life I will be also able to follow my own creative urges and paint paint paint.

My loyal customers and holiday makers will also be able to enjoy monthly "showings" of new products in the garden of my own home in Peregian and again I can do what I love most by welcoming them with homemade scones and tea...more like friends.

Our new website is under constrction so keep up to date with the blog and Facebook page. Just google South Peregian Trading Co.

Love Vicki

First attempt at knitting a bootie with our Nundle wool- $5.90 per ball

Kim Rigby painting- $120.00
Pearl necklace- Designs by Leigh- $159.00


  1. Oh mumma I can't stop crying!! I love you so much. Love the bootie. Chlo xx

  2. Hello Vicki.....
    lovely to speak with you whilst we were travelling recently....what fab news ..congratulations to you and your family...a little 'bud' coming to bloom amongst us...
    I am so happy for you...I can feel your love and excitement in your writings. Shall hope to see you soon. love from jo